Our Company provides services in the field of industrial automation, from design, through documentation, production and programming, to acceptance tests with our customers and end users.
On Big Science projects our company provides services if field prefabrication automation and power cabinets, connections automation an power equipment according to our customer specification. Also we are providing services in field of development and execution test procedures according to client ad manufacture specification
We design and deliver test stands, machines and also provide integration of production lines.

Customers about us



I can definitely rely on a friendly, professional and flexible approach in servicing our company and clients. This translates into long-term and permanent cooperation that allows us to focus on our business.

Tomasz Szydłowski, Owner


Our process installations are designed for the individual needs of the food and chemical industry. Our own engineering department is key in achieving this goal, while in the timely implementation of the most urgent cases we use the support of Kordecki, whose knowledge and competences help satisfy even the most difficult technological requirements.

Bartosz Kubis, Owner


The main advantage of cooperation with the company is understanding the operation of machines and devices that we design in KW Engineering. This facilitates determining common specifications and reliable evaluation of automation for devices at the design stage.

Andrzej Skraba President

Carl Stahl

Carl Stahl delivers its in-house transport systems throughout Poland. Regardless of external reasons and working conditions, our devices must operate in 24-hour mode, with full availability. Cooperation with local professionals translates into the implementation of this principle, and this includes cooperation with Kordecki Sp. K., which we recommend.



phone 0048 502 501 136


Fabryczna 16 Street
53-609 Wrocław

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