"Kordecki - Industrial Automation" is run by Jacek Kordecki, who has over 12 years of experience in the implementation of projects in the field of industrial automation and Piotr Kordecki 12 years in business management. The team has experience in working with both corporations and SME. Company development is based on a few key aspects, thanks to which we stand out in the market.

We establish partner relations that result from systematic cooperation and are implemented in small steps. We offer transparent solutions and – through advanced technology – simplify automation and control.

We adapt our offers to the purchasing policy of large companies, meeting the demanding timely and procedural requirements.

We care for the safety of machines and devices, the ergonomics of service, the way of communication and reporting for superior systems, and the quality of as-built documentation.

We are happy to discuss and consider with our clients the latest trends in automation related to robotics, mobility and system approach to project management.

We take into account the increasing need of the automation to be configurable and able to be expanded in the future. We are more and more focused on the use of software in the control of driver devices.

In our projects, we take into account very short breaks associated with the possibility of installing and commissioning automation in production lines. We believe that it is possible to create personalised automation at prices offered for low-volume production.

We invite you to cooperation,


Piotr & Jacek Kordecki

We always answer a contact request, check us out!

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