“Kordecki Automation” operates in several key areas of industrial automation and manufacturing automation.

Learn about our specialties:

Big science

Big Science – particle accelerators

Are you working for Big Science institution or supply technologies for it (e.g. cryogenic, HVAC, HTR, safety related … ) and your require a design, programming or connection on part of actuators, power supply and control systems?

Modernizacja układów sterowania

Modernization of control systems

You are responsible for the production process and plan to replace or improve old control and supply systems.

Układy sterowania

Control systems for machinery and processes

You deliver machinery or process devices and you look for complex supplies of control and supply systems for your devices with their integration into manufacturing process of their users.

Automatyzacja procesów

Automation of production processes

If you look for machinery and devices which are to accelerate production processes.

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